Flexcon Announces New Containers That Make Carousels Better

Springfield, NJ (PRWEB) — Flexcon Container, located in Springfield New Jersey, has recently supplied a major pharmaceutical company carousel containers that help maxamize the benefits of the Remstar carousel.

The containers were sized specifically to fit the carousel perfectly. They were also made with the end users inventory in mind. In addition, the dividable containers allow the creation of compartments for a perfect fit. “I believe that we increased the available cube in the carousel by over 20% by making the right container for this project” said Ken Beckerman, Flexcon’s Product Manager and Vice President.

The containers were actualy made 2″ longer than the front to back dimention of the shelf for an additional 8% storage capacity.The straightwall design of the containers makes them substantially more space efficient when compared to containers that have a taper. All of these elements combine to create a container that is nearly 100% space efficient.

The containers have a pick face that is 50% open to allow easy access for part picking and replenishment. They can also be pulled forward to pick larger parts or less active inventory which is stored in the back of the container.

The containers are color coded to enhance the look of the system. Colors and container accessories can also indicates part type, style & golden zone area.

The containers are made from resin that is fire retardant to UL flame class 94hb and they are antistatic treated to help prevent dust and dirt accumulation. Accessories for the containers include card holders, esd materials, dividers, covers, and placards.

For more information on Flexcon’s line of plastic containers please contact Ken Beckerman at 908-871-7000.

Flexcon Container is a leading provider of plastic totes, containers pallets and bulk containers for manufacturing, distrubition and warehousing applications. For more information, or a full catalog call 908-871-7000 or visit flexcon on the web at http://www.flexcontainer.com

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New Carousel & VLM Totes Maximize Density

Springfield, NJ (PRWEB) — Flexcon introduces a complete line of cost effective totes designed specifically to work with all the sizes and styles of carousel containers and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs). Over 200 standard sizes are available to maximize the cube of virtually all the bins, carriers, trays and pans used in North America.

The carousel and VLM line of totes are antistatic treated to help reduce buildup within automated equipment. Seven standard colors are also available to express corporate identity or help increase accuracy and throughput. By color coding locations or designating a color to a specific family of parts operators are able to store and replenish quickly and accurately.

From order picking and distribution applications requiring hopper fronts to Zero-Migration DividersT to create multiple cells within a tote for manufacturing applications, Flexcon’s new carousel and VLM totes are designed to meet a wide range of applications. This new line of totes is available with weight capacities up to 130 lbs. per tote to meet the demands of today’s warehouse environment.

“We were able to cost effectively maximize every inch of our carousels and VLMs by purchasing Flexcon’s carousel and VLM totes. They were durable and kept parts from migrating which keeps our operation running efficiently,” said John Williams of Subaru of America.

Flexcon Container, Inc. is a leading American manufacturer and provider of totes and containers for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing applications. For more information or full catalog on Flexcon Container, call (973)467-3323 or visit the Flexcon web site at http://www.flexcontainer.com.

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